Official Codes & Rules for 2019

Learn all the official and current safety rules necessary to pass the test.

Easy To Follow

This course is presented in a clear and straightforward way.

Study From Anywhere

Wether you are in Zimbabwe, Uk or USA. You will have access to the course material and tests regardless of your location. All you need is an internet connection.

Animations & Videos

Inside are animations to demonstrate the safe implementations of driving procedures and maneuvres.

Practice tests

Once you have completed all the theoretical material, you can take as many FREE practice tests until you are satisfied with your scores.


Save Money

One of the best things about this online course is that it is free. This will save you money towards your docmentation, theory test and practical fees. Better yet, money to invest in your new car which you will be driving soon.

Learn Faster

You can carry this course around with you in your pocket. You can start studying at any given moment which is convenient to you. Our animations make it easier to grasp certain concepts applied in traffic.

100% Pass Gaurantee

Study well and pass all the practice tests. You will surely meet the minimum passing requiremnts needed for the official test.

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A much more fun way of learning

It is a well known fact that anything learnt while having fun, is aquired much more efficiently!

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